1971 Decimal Coinage G Britain & N Ireland

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Sales price: $120.00


This distinct milestone in British & Irish currency history, now encased in an acrylic display case, can now be yours.

On the 15th February 1971, Ireland officially went decimal, simultaneously with the UK. The Irish public were already acquainted with the half-penny, penny and two-pence coins. These sets had been intended to educate the Irish public about decimalisation, and similar ones containing the UK decimal coins had gone on sale in the UK from 1968.The new decimal coins and the remaining predecimal coins (the penny, three-pence and six-pence) co-circulated on the 15th, 16th and 17th February 1971, after which the predecimal coins were demonetised and taken out of circulation. The predecimal penny, three-pence and six-pence could however still be exchanged at banks for decimal coins until the 1st January 1972. The shilling and florin however continued to circulate as the equivalent of five and ten-pence coins.

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