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Banknotes of British Malaya

Published by SPINK London. Hardcover edition by Gutenberg Press which includes:

The Straits Settlements, Malaya, British North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei, Malaysia and Saingapore. 

The Frank Goon Collection.

- Written by David A Richardson

- Edited by Frederick Yow

- Numismatic Expertise : Monetarium Singapore (Anthony Tan & Leon Lee)

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Collection of Malacca Coinages

A concise guide by Tony Lye Fong Nge, from 13th to 18th century, which offers an in-depth understanding of the currency used during the era of the Tin Tampang, the Tin Animal Money, the Malacca-Portuguese Gold, Admiral Cheng He’s tin coinage and those that were used during the Dutch occupation as well. Well documented with images of coins, photographs and illustrations.

Limited edition of printed 1,000 copies.



Jigsaw 1000 pcs Straits Settlement

Jigsaw Puzzle of 1000 pieces.

Featuring currency notes of Straits Settlement, Malaya and British Borneo.

Completed puzzle size : 490 x 700 mm.



Malaysia Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins 8th Ed

1786 - 2016, 8th edition

Complete educational reference by K N Boon

Published by Trigometric Sdn Bhd (May 2016)


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Malaysia Brunei Singapore Banknotes & Coins 7th Ed

1786 -2014, 7th edition 

Complete Educational Reference by K N Boon

Published by Trigometric Sdn Bhd, March 2014

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Malaysian Numismatic Heritage

An impressive compilation in English, with 386 pages of beautiful graphics & vivid illustrations from various museums & experts. Includes bibliographical references and index.

"Indeed many facts are contained in each type  and form of foreign and domestic currency, both coins and banknotes, embedded in the designs, inscriptions, symbols, dates, languages and writing forms. This clearly highlight important characteristics of the society's heritage, customs, economies, beliefs and religions, essential to instil a love for Malaysia's national heritage."

Publisher: The Money Museum & Art Centre Malaysia 2005, & Bank Negara Malaysia. First Edition.

Approx. Size: 29cm x 30cm. Hardcover edition.

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Paper Currencies

The Collection by Dr Chan Chin Cheung (Director of Bank Negara), of the Straits Settlements, Malaya, British North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei.

Hardcover. 261 pages. Publisher: Taisei Stamps & Coins, 1991.


The Straits Steamship Fleets

Author : Wiliam Allan Laxton

Founded by T C Bogaardt in 1890, Straits Steamship was incorporated in Singapore on 20th January as a public company of capital half a million Singapore Dollars.

Straits ships served Penang, Sumatra, South Siam and the west coast of the Malay peninsular. Their shallow drafts and small tonnage made them useful for ports set miles up winding mangrove-fringed rivers with no navigation aids except those provided by nature. Straits established a reputation for carrying cargo and passengers in and out of the littles ports safely and to a regular schedule.

- Launch dates

- Completion months

- Yard details

- Ship builder information

- details of transactions of ship till her final fate etc

Book was launched on 29 August 2004 at Suntec SICEC, Singapore.

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World Paper & Polymer Uncut Banknotes

An English educational and colourful reference devoted entirely to collectors of uncut sheets of notes, by K N Boon.

Softcover. 154 pages. Size: A4.

A joint publication by the International Educational & Cultural Exchange Foundation and Trigometric Sdn Bhd 2012.

Co-sponsored by:

- International Numismatic Foundation

- Maritime Archeology Museum

- Institutional Membership of UNESCO-ICOM. United Nations

Edited by Richard R Doty & Hann Boom

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World Polymer Banknotes

This concise reference in English, by Peter Eu, Ben Chiew and Julian Chee, features HM Queen Elizabeth II that covers over 30 countries and a span 0f 54 years to date. An encyclopedic guide for your QEII banknote collection.

Published by Afterhours. 226 pages.

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